Saturday, January 21, 2012


This blog is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ. The New Testament of the Bible reveals how God works in time and eternity, but especially how he created and rescued his special friends. When Adam and Eve fell, they took us with them. It has been war ever since in which God is calling us all out of the slave market of Satan to turn to Christ.

This site deals mainly with the culture, social customs, and geography of the New Testament times. The content here will not be inspired, nor should you ever hold my observations as authoritative as the Word of God itself. Some call this higher criticism, but that art, though innocent in origin, became the playground of depraved scholars who wanted to relegate inspiration to the back room. Meanwhile, higher criticism has become a way of ripping up the final authority of the Word of God.

I welcome suggestions, and if you see content here that seems to contradict the Word of God, you MUST send mail and tell me about it. I will certainly change any such errors.


Steve Van Nattan

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